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  • Drilling


    High-quality andhigh-efficiency services including cementing, radial drilling and coiled tubingdirectional drilling.

  • Completions


    Dedicated to enhancing oiland gas reservoir recovery effectively and improving oil and gas productioneffect of low permeable oil and gas reservoir.

  • Well Intervention

    Well Intervention

    Most competitive coiledtubing and liquid nitrogen services and improve the simulation effectsdramatically.

  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    Versatile and one-stopwaste management expert, realizing the harmonious coexistence between energyexploitation and natural resources.

  • Automated Tank Cleaning Services

    Automated Tank Cleaning Services

    Advanced automated tankcleaning technology. Safe, economic, efficient and environmental.

  • Automated Tank Cleaning Equipment

    Automated Tank Cleaning Equipment

    Whole set of automatedtank cleaning equipment sales and training services, industry-leading withhighly automated and centralized control technology.

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