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Acidizing corrosion inhibitor JA111-39B form a protective film by directional adsorption on metal surface, it can be used in various corrosive environment and with good effect on anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance, and corrosion inhibition in concentrated hydrochloric acid at high temperature. It is applied to oil and gas well acidizing treatment.

Technical Date
AppearancePale red to reddish brown homogeneous liquid
Density (30 ℃), g/cm30.95-1.15
Dissolve dispersionDissolved in acid, no liquid-liquid delamination or liquid-solid phase separation
Applicable temperature,  ℃90-150
Dynamic corrosion rate (1.5%, 120 ℃, 20%HCl), g/(m2·h)≤30

a) The optimum concentration of corrosion inhibitor in hydrochloric acid by the concentration of 15%, 20%, 28% are 1.0%, 1.5%, 2.0%, or according to the experimental results.
b) When preparing the working fluid, add the required corrosion inhibitor into the working fluid and circulating.

Packing and Storage
Packaging: Packaging with 200 L plastic barrels, also can packing according to the requirements of customers.
Storage: Store in a shady, cool, ventilated place, valid for 24 months.
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