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Acidizing corrosion inhibitor JA111-39A form a protective film by directional adsorption on metal surface, it can be used in various corrosive environment and with good effect on anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance, and corrosion inhibition in concentrated hydrochloric acid. It is applied to oil and gas well acidizing treatment.

Technical Date
AppearancePale red/yellow to reddish brown homogeneous liquid
Density (30 ℃), g/cm30.95-1.15
Dissolve dispersionDissolved in acid, no liquid-liquid delamination or liquid-solid phase separation
Applicable temperature  ℃≤95
Static corrosion rate (1%,90 ℃, 20%HCl), g/(m2·h)≤5

a) The optimum concentration of corrosion inhibitor in hydrochloric acid by the concentration of 15%, 20%, 28% are 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, or according to the experimental results.
b) When preparing the working fluid, add the required corrosion inhibitor into the working fluid and circulating.

Packing and Storage
Packaging: Packaging with 200 L plastic barrels, also can packing according to the requirements of customers.
Storage: Store in a shady, cool, ventilated place, valid for 24 months.
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