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BL-70S is consisted of special polymer materials and consolidation agent. It can improve
the Bond Strength between the cement paste and casing interface. It reinforced cement stone self-compacting and gas channeling prevention ability. The BL-70S can decrease the log acoustic amplitude and improve logging quality.

Physical and Chemical Data
TypeAppearance60-mesh screen residue (%)Density (g/cm3)PH value
BL-70SGray solid powder≤31.80±0.10

Application Scope

BL-70S is applied to temperature range of 15-120 ℃, and the normal addition is 0.5-2.0% (BWOC). It is applied to dry blend.

It is packaged in 25 Kg kraft paper bag.

Storing and Using
BL-70S should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse to prevent from dampness and rain.
Quality guarantee period for BL-70S is 12 months. The product should be re-tested after this period.

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