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JATC-80 Automated Tank Cleaning

Reliable Quality: carrying out international quality standards such as API Q1, ISO, etc and HSE management system strictly, all the parts of equipment are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad, imported parts account for more than 80%, and the equipment performance has been fully proved.
High Automation: fully closed mechanical cleaning technology, no person need to enter into the tank during the cleaning process. The valves are controlled pneumatically. All parameters are monitored by PLC system.
Safe to Use: all the equipment parts meet the explosive-proof requirements. During operation, inject inert gas into the tank to control the oxygen content. Oxygen content and combustible gas content are monitored in real time to ensure safe operations.
Good comprehensive performance: powerful and highly efficient. The recovery rate of effective components from the sediments in oil tanks can reach 95% or above, and no water, oil or residue in the tank after cleaning. Hot work and maintenance can be allowed after automated tank cleaning in accordance to the API653. Following is the main characteristics:

1) Adopt explosion-proof and skid-mounted enclosed design, high automation, convenient transportation, simple operation, high safety, etc.
2) The materials used for the equipment meet the national standard, and having complete technical documents, such as certification of equipment, quality certificate, etc.
3) The main parts of equipment (cleaning pump, recovery pump, vacuum pump, vacuum tank, boiler, etc.) have the characteristics of high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, and its service life is designed for more than 10 years.
4) The equipment has a warning device to avoid the potential safety hazard due to human error.
5) The circulation and transferring unit adopts pneumatic valve, which reduces the work intensity of operators.
6) Automatic six-points six-channels suction-type gas detector can detect the concentration of two gases(oxygen, combustible gas) in tank at the same time to ensure the accuracy of the gas value.
7) All the electric equipment adopts explosion-proof design, and parts comply with national safety and quality standards.

Explosive-proof Level: above dⅡBT4

Protection Level: above IP55

The Power Requirement: 380V

Startup by weak current control


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