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JF012-11A has strong thickening capacity, good temperature and shear resistance capacity, and low leak off, low residue content. It can meet demands of different well depth and sand size and has a widescope of application.

Technical Date
Appearance White or yellow powder
φ200×50-0.125/0.09 Sieve residue C1 (mass fraction), %≤1 
φ200×50-0.071/0.05 Sieve residue C2 (mass fraction), %≤10
Moisture (mass fraction), %≤10
Apparent viscosity (30 ℃,170s- 1,0.4%), mPa·s≥60
Water insoluble (mass fraction), %≤4.0
Crosslinking performanceGel can be hung by the glass rod 
Carboxymethyl DS0.1-0.3
Hydroxypropyl MS0.1-0.3

a) Suctioned in water by using a vacuum funnel, feeding should be uniform, so that the powder can be uniformly dispersed in water, otherwise it will form "fisheye".
b) After the addition of powder, using cement truck or circulating pump cycle for 30-45 min.
c) The prepared liquid standing for 2 h, so powders can be fully swollen in water.

Packing and Storage
Packing: Packed in 25 Kg bag.
Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place, valid for 18 months.
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