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Foaming agent JF700-14D has good ability of foaming and good foam stability, and it has excellent salt resistance, oil resistance, resistance to temperature, etc. JF700-14D foaming agent has good ability of carrying liquid, sand, water, impurities, and oil.

Technical Date
AppearanceColorless to pale yellow liquid
Density (30 ℃), g/cm30.9-1.1
SolubilityMiscibility with water
Applicable temperature,  ℃≤90
Foam property (30 ℃)Foaming volume, ml≥250
Half-life, min≥90

a) The dosage: 0.3-1.0%.
b) Add it into the working fluid according to the proportion, and circulating.

Packing and Storage
Packaging: Packaging with 200 L plastic barrels, also can packing according to the requirements of customers.
Storage: Store in shady and cool place, valid for 24 months.
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