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WT50(I/II) weighting agent is grinded by iron ores. It has large specific gravity, regular particles and it can prepare high density cement slurry with good flow-ability. Acid proportion is more than 90%.
It can be used as weighting agent for cement slurry and drilling fluid. Heavy weight agent with different granularities can be designed and provided based on user’s requirement.

Physical and Chemical Data
TypeAppearanceScreen residue (%)Density (g/cm3)PH valueFreezing point ( ℃)
WT50(I)Dark red or black solid powder80-mesh screen: ≤45.0±0.050 or -10
WT50(II)Dark red or black solid powder80-mesh screen: ≤85.0±0.05

Application Scope
WT50(I/II) can be used as cementing heavy weight agent for high pressure formation, spacer heavy weight agent and drilling fluid heavy weight agent. WT50 I It can be prepared with 2.0-2.4 g/cm3 and WT50 II can be prepared with 2.4-2.7 g/cm3 and it is applied to dry blend.

It is packaged in 50 Kg kraft paper bag.

Storing and Using
WT50(I/II) should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse to prevent from dampness and rain.
WT50 (I/II) will be effective for long time.
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