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SC-1 is processed from quartz fines. The content of silicon dioxide is over 95% and impurity level is low.
The specific gravity of SC-1 is 2.7 g/cm3. Products with different granularities can be provided based on user’s requirement.

Physical and Chemical Data
TypeAppearanceResidue through a 80-mesh screen (%)Density (g/cm3)PH value
SC-1White solid powder≤32.70±0.10

Application Scope
SC-1 is mainly used as high temperature strength stabilizer for oil well cement. Normal addition of it is 30-40% and applied to dry blend.

It is packaged in 50 Kg kraft paper bag.

Storing and Using
SC-1 should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse to prevent from dampness and rain.
SC-1 will be effective for long time.

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