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Latex is beneficial to the slurry and cement paste. As a suspension liquid, latex can provide excellent rheological properties and gel control without affecting cement hydration. Fluid performance is very good controlled and slurry transition time is short. Which and this effect can well reduce the risk caused by a gas cut.

Physical and Chemical Data
Solid content (%)AppearanceParticle size (nm)Mechanical stabilityThermal stability
>44Ivory liquid, uniform particles90-100Gel-free250 ℃

Application Scope
JEF-100L is applied to temperature range of 70-150 ℃.

It is packaged in 25 Kg or 200 Kg barrel.

Storing and Using
Quality guarantee period for JEF-100L is 12 months in the temperature of -10 ℃—50 ℃. The product should be re-tested after this period.

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