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PQ10/14/15 light weight agent is a kind of mixture with its main composition being intensified hollow microsphere used for low density cement slurry. As its density is low, it can take up large volume in cement slurry so as to reduce cement slurry density.
Unlike low density cement slurry added with bentonite, slurry with PQ10/14/15 addition can obtain early strength quickly in low temperature and high final strength. PQ14/15 permeability is also much lower than other cement slurry systems. PQ10 has higher anti-hydrostatic pressure and can be prepared 1.10 ultra-low density cement slurry.

Physical and Chemical Data
TypeAppearanceScreen residue (%)Density (g/cm3)PH value
PQ10White powder80-mesh screen: ≤80.40±0.05
PQ14Gray solid grains60-mesh screen: ≤80.70±0.05
PQ15Gray solid grains40-mesh screen: ≤80.80±0.05

Application Scope
PQ10 is applied to pressure range 40-70 Mpa, and the density range 1.10-1.30 g/cm3.
PQ (14/15) is applied to pressure range not higher than 45 Mpa, and the density range 1.40-1.65 g/cm3. The normal addition of it is 10-100% and applied to dry blend.

PQ10 is packaged in 10 Kg kraft paper bag and PQ (14/15). It is packaged in 20 Kg kraft paper bag.
Storing and Using
PQ (10/14/15) should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse to prevent from dampness and rain.
PQ10/14/15 will be effective for long time.

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