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R31L/S is a kind of organic retarding agent, mainly applicable to retarding cement slurry thickening time when cementing medium and deep wells. It has good retarding effect and not sensitive to water. Thickening time and excess has linear monotonic relationship. It has slight effect on set cement strength and good compatibility.

Physical and Chemical Data
TypeAppearanceResidue through a 40-mesh screen (%)Density (g/cm3)PH valueFreezing point ( ℃)
R31LColorless liquid1.10±0.052-3-5 or -20
R31SGrayLinen solid powder≤8%1.90±0.10

Application Scope

R31 is applied to the temperature range of 50-90 ℃ (BHCT). It has no requirement of prepared water.
The addition of R31L is normally 0.1-0.6% (BWOC). The addition of R31S is normally 0.3-2.0% (BWOC). R31S can be wet blended.

R31L is packaged in 25 Kg plastic barrel. R31S is packaged with 25 Kg kraft paper bag.

Storing and Using
R31L/S should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse to prevent from sunshine and rain. Environmental temperature should be 0-35 ℃.
Quality guarantee period for R31L is 24 months. The products should be re-tested after this period.
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