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Coiled Tubing - Special Purpose Tools

  • Thru Tubing Cutter
The Thru Tubing Cutter is a tool designed to go through small restrictions in tubing and cut larger ID tubing or casing. The cutter usually works with a motor and tubing anchor. Blades are designed to extend from piston force created with hydraulic pressure. Blades retract when stop pumping.
• High performance blade.
• Self centrizlized.
PNODCutting RangeMake-Up LengthConnection
C87090717191-11/16"2 7/8"-3 1/2"25"1"AMMT
C87090432392-1/8"3 1/2"-4 1/2"30"1-1/2"AMMT
C87090467762-7/8"4"-5 1/2"30"2-3/8"PAC
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