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Coiled Tubing - Special Purpose Tools

  • Thru Tubing Underreamer
The Thru Tubing Underreamer is designed to go through small restrictions in tubing and clear the cementing ring, enlarge the bore. The Underreamer always works with displacement motor. Blades are designed to extend from piston force created with hydraulic pressure. Blades come back when stop pumping.
Torque thru capability.
PNODReaming RangeMake-Up LengthConnection
C87130586401-11/16"2 7/8"-3 1/2"25"1"AMMT
C87130586322-1/8"3 1/2"-4 1/2"30"1-1/2"AMMT
C87130468952-7/8"4"-5 1/2"30"2-3/8"PAC
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