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JCG-200S Toughening Channeling Prevention cement slurry system is a kind of flexible polymer cement slurry system, through the introduction of polymer in the cement slurry flexible polymer (JCG-200S is a polymeric resin which for oil well cement anti-gas channeling), formed inhibited osmotic flexible polymer films, on the one hand, it can prevent fluid invasion in the cement column, channeling prevention effect, on the other hand, it would spread a certain amount of stress when the external shocking, increases the deformation capacity of cement stone, which improved the toughness of cement stone. Toughening channeling prevention cement slurry system is applicable to slimhole Wells, sidetracking well, branch Wells, horizontal Wells, high pressure oil and gas Wells and other complex well cementing.

Physical and Chemical Data
The slurry comprehensive performance (50 ℃)
DensityInitial consistency BcThickingtime /minFluid loss/mlFreeThe compressive strength (24h)/MpaExpansion ratio%Modulus decreased 

Application Scope
JCG-200S is applied to temperature range of 30-150 ℃, Anti-Saturated Brine.

It is packaged in 25 Kg moistureproof bag.

Storing and Using
Quality guarantee period for JCG-200S is 24 months in the temperature of -10 ℃—50 ℃. The product should be re-tested after this period.
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