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Jereh Group Exhibiting at 2017 Global Petroleum Show

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Calgary/ June 15, 2017/ Jereh Group (SZ: 002353), exhibited at the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary between the 13th and 15th of June, 2017, after the OTC show in May, Houston. We present our comprehensive portfolio and strong in-house manufacturing capability covering the equipment of super coiled tubing unit with intelligent control, and posters of coiled tubing, plunger pump and high pressure flowline products which meet the Canadian market requirements and will make the oil production more secure and efficient.


Jereh Super Coiled Tubing Unit in GPS


GPS provides direct access to the entire supply chain, innovative technologies, and products & services within the energy sector. It is an industry leading event to strengthen business relationships and network.

As the first of intelligent super coiled tubing unit, it is trailer-mounted according to the operation requirements and road conditions. The reel capacity of 2.875”-4500m and injector’s maximum continuous pulling capacity of 140Klbs, have great adaptability to different well conditions. The unit achieves complete electrical control and accurate operation, which is safer and simpler compared with the conventional CTU. 

In addition, the automatic control system provides the operator with more safety and comfort. At present, the electronic control has become an industry trend in some mature markets such as Canada. Our equipment is currently the only one that can finish the adjustment of injector's clamping, tensioning and reel's back pressure with single handle. All the data can be collected and stored to help achieve real unmanned operations.

Mr. Liu Xinxu, the head of Jereh North America market introduced, “the challenges customers are facing drives Jereh’s growth and continuous improvement. In 2016, we released series of solutions to help improve the oil field production efficiency. At this exhibition, we also display our equipment solutions for the Canadian market.

Jereh has set up a branch office of Jereh Canada in Calgary, to respond to customer needs, and provide customized solutions, as well as equipment maintenance and technical training services.

"Nothing stands still. We are optimistic about the development of North American market and the industry. And we will continue the investment to improve technology and equipment capabilities to help address the challenges during oil and gas development," said Mr. Liu.

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