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Grifco ( is a leading provider of coiled tubing tools, completion tools and cementing tools, specializing in the conception, design, and development of tools for the oil industry. Grifco oil tools inc. is a wholly subsidiary of Jereh Group.

Grifco has been in this business for more than thirty years. We are the first company to develop coil tubing tools that are used in the industry today. We created multiple series of completion tools as well, such as coil tubing multi-stage frac tool, ball activated multi-stage sleeve frac tool, cementing sleeve frac tool, plug and perf frac tool, full bore bridge plug and dissolvable balls, etc., Besides, we have many new cementing tools available.

Grifco's mission is to serve the industry with the best and most innovative tools in the industry. Grifco designs and manufactures over 300 products for the oil and gas industry. Grifco tools manufactured under API and ISO standard with strict quality control procedures.

Grifco products are known and used throughout the world, including South America, Mexico, Middle East, South-east Asia and China, offering sale and rental services. Grifco has experience and knowledge to help you with all your coiled tubing needs and pre-job preparation.

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