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Our products have been applied in 30+ countries, and are highly recognized. All products are approved by API Q1 and API 11D1 standards. We can provide product design, manufacturing and logistics services to meet customers’ needs.

Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools
• One of the world’s largest coiled tubing tools provider, with a market share of above 70% in China.
• Comprehensive product lines, rich experience in conventional CT operation, milling, fishing, logging, completion and stimulation.
• Complete set of tool specification and material with CT ranging from 1 to 3-1/2 inch and various sulphur/CO2/HPO/chloridion proof products for downhole environment.
• CT Conventional Tools
• CT Fishing Tools
• CT Cutting Tools
• CT Milling Tools
• CT Velocity String Tools
• CT Lower Packer Fracturing Tools

Slickline Tools
The world’s earliest slickline tool provider with complete set and series of slickline tools.
• Basic Tools
• Auxiliary Tools
• Conventional Fishing Tools
• RIH & Extended Reach Well Tools
• Trouble Handling Tools
• Piezometer Auxiliary Tools

Cementing Tools
Supporting downhole tools for different cementing requirements
• Liner Collar
• Stage Collar
• Easy Drilled Float Collar & Float
• Cementing Head
• Casing Centralizer

Stimulation Tools
All kinds of fracturing stimulation string design tailored for tight gas and shale gas fracturing requirements
CT fracturing, open hole fracturing and bridge plug products
• Easy Milled Bridge Plug
• Dissolvable Ball
• Big Diameter Bridge Plug
• Cementing Sliding Sleeves
• Open Hole Staged Fracturing Sliding Sleeves


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