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JATC-80 Automated Tank Cleaning

Circulation and Transferring Unit(JATC-80)
L×W×H6058×2200×2610 mm
Rated Flow80 m³/h
Operational Control SystemPositive Pressure Explosion-proof Type
DistributorFlame-proof Type
Steam and Inert Gas Generator(JATC-80)
L×W×H6058×2200×2896 mm
Rated Steam1000 kg/h
Inert Gas Detecting SystemPositive Pressure Explosion-proof Type
Automatic Soft Water SystemResin Adsorption Filtration
Oil and Water Separator(JATC-80)
L×W×H6058×2200×2540 mm
Capacity20 m3
Air Compressor Unit(JATC-80)
L×W×H2991×2200×2600 mm
Air Demand3.6 m3/min
Explosion-proof Main Distributor160 kW   dⅡBT4
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