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Ball-drop Sleeve Multi-stage Fracturing Tools Technology
Jereh has access to multi-stage fracturing technology and equipment which can be used for open-hole and in casing.
Jereh provides open-hole packer and sliding sleeve manufactured by a North American Company, which  is compact, reliable, easy to operate and efficient.
Coiled Tubing Cementing Sleeve Multi-stage Fracturing Technology
Jereh has horizontal cementing frac sleeve technology which features unlimited stages, repeated open & close of sleeves at later stage, capability of water-locating and water shutoff, and secondary selective frac. 
Coiled Tubing Bottom Packer Multi-stage Fracturing Technology
The tools are installed on the coiled tubing. The bottom packer separates the target zone from the lower zone, the perforating gun on the tools perforates the target zone, and then the frac fluid is injected into the target zone from the annulus of casing and coiled tubing. With this technology, multi and unlimited stages can be fractured. It is highly efficient and reliable.
Coiled Tubing Assisted Opening Cementing Sleeve Separate Stage Fracturing Technology
Jereh is capable of providing coiled tubing assisted opening cementing sleeve separate stage fracturing technology. This technology features precise positioning and fixed point annular fracturing, low water horse power required, fast fracturing and high recovery.

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