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Automated Tank Cleaning Services

Unique central control unit which can video monitor working site, monitor, record equipment and make abnormity warning and emergent turn-off.
Boiler inert gas quality detector which can make real-time detection and adjustment to make sure oxygen content is below 5%.
Screw anti-explosion air compressor which can guarantee continuing and stable gas supply, safe and reliable.
Combine electric and pneumatic valve which can achieve remote control and auto-regulation, simple and high-efficient.
Liquid level automatic control system using advanced liquidometer to guarantee reliable detection under different situations.

Comparison between Manual and Automated Cleaning
Tank SizeManualAutomated
20,000 m330-40 Day 13-15 Day
50,000 m350-65 Day18-20 Day
100,000 m380-100 Day25-30 Day
150,000 m3110-140 Day30 Day
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