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Radial Drilling Services

Technical Advantages:

Increase the drainage radius and area of borehole and realize the stimulation. 
Radial and multi-lateral drilling in vertical wells instead of the functions of horizontal branch wells and directional sidetracking.
Penetrate contaminated area near wellbore instead of conventional perforation.
Advanced acidization.
Realize directional water injection.
Reduce squeeze pressure and improve the effect of profile control and water shutoff.
Realize advanced obstruction removal.

Short operating period, 4 laterals radial drilling completed within 2 days and whole operation completed within 5 days, equivalent to 1/3 the time of window sidetrack drilling.
 No need of slurry and no damage on reservoirs.
Less fluid (only 10-20 cubic meters needed in four laterals of one layer)
Less damage on casing than perforation, and strength remains unchanged.
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